24 Hour Manned Control Centre

24 Hour Manned Control Centre

Osmoflo's dedicated 24/7 Control Centres operates SCADA monitoring and control system which provides plant operation support and critical alarm response.

Osmoflo Control Centres have a high level of experience in remote plant operations, currently monitoring plants globally. Osmoflo's Control Centres provide virtually immediate response to plant faults which minimises downtime and ensures water quality compliance, as well as preventing potential equipment damage.

Osmoflo's Control Centres are manned by highly trained, experienced and committed personnel around the clock who are there to diagnose operational issues and to act accordingly, whether that is by correcting issues remotely or by notifying onsite or on call personnel where onsite intervention is required.

Short term and long term plant performance is closely monitored via live SCADA system with trending capabilities, where performance issues can be easily identified and rectified. The SCADA system can generate month reports based on plant performance and predetermined KPI’s.



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