24 Hour Manned Control Centre - Operations and Maintenance

24 Hour Manned Control Centre - Operations and Maintenance

Osmoflo offers complete remote plant monitoring and control solutions via our 24 hour manned Operations Control Centres. These Control Centres utilise our proprietary PlantConnect software, which assists in the monitoring of plants across the globe. Through our Control Centres we are able to provide our clients with plant operation support and critical alarm response.

Osmoflo's Operations Control Centres have a high level of experience in remote plant operations, currently monitoring over 100 plants and facilities around the globe. Osmoflo's Control Centres provide virtually immediate response to plant faults which minimises any plant downtime and ensures water quality compliance, as well as preventing potential equipment damage.

PlantConnect is Osmoflo’s proprietary operations and maintenance system, acting as a platform for all our Operations and Maintenance activities and includes such functions as:

Improved Plant Performance

Achieving reduced operating costs ($/L) through reduced downtime, increased production, optimised plant operation, reduced chemical consumption, long term optimisation of membrane life.

Reduced labour costs by reducing site based labour requirements (i.e. Night shift).

Excellent support for site based Plant Operators

  • 24/7 alarm response
  • 24/7 remote assistance for site operators
  • Troubleshooting and investigation
  • Regular runtime assessment and tuning to ensure WTPs are running within design specification

Complete Remote Operation Capability

  • Live SCADA operation
  • Full History (data capture and storage)
  • Reduced need for site based Operators (reducing the plant operational costs)
  • Able to view the plant physically with live cameras (this has helped greatly with diagnosis the past and prevented large scale spills, aided with onsite assistance, etc – Case study for Whyalla pending)
  • Completely unique when comparing us to other water treatment companies who claim to have 24/7 monitoring. Osmoflo Control Centre is a 24/7 rostered department with qualified and experienced engineers ready to assist.

High Level Client Reporting

  • Immediate notification reports for faults/interruptions to production
  • Daily/Weekly/ Clients can opt to receive Critical Fault Reports (soon to be Event Reports) to be notified of CC’s full diagnostics.
  • Osmoflo Control Centre is open and transparent by giving the client the option to constantly audit Control Centre operations via OsmoView app.

PLC Programming capabilities

  • Reduced downtime by quickly investigating and correcting PLC faults/code bugs
  • Improved site operation, by troubleshooting/optimising plant control logic
  • Vastly reduced downtime in the event of PLC failure/complete code loss

Short term and long term plant performance is closely monitored via the PlantConnect system with trending capabilities. Any performance issues can be easily identified and quickly rectified. The system can generate month reports based on plant performance and predetermined KPI’s.

Find out more about our O&M capabilities in Osmoflo's Operations and Maintenance brochure

OsmoView Smartphone App

Osmoflo has recently developed the 'OsmoView' smartphone app to provide customers with an innovative and convenient new way to access critical alerts and operational data for their water treatment plants. The app also allows customers to easily communicate directly with Osmoflo’s 24/7 Control Centre for support.


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