Osmoflo Brine Squeezer Technology

Osmoflo Brine Squeezer Technology

Osmoflo have developed a patented Brine Squeezer technology to maximise the recovery of the reject from reverse osmosis plants. The Brine Squeezer technology pushes the boundary of reverse osmosis and draws from over 25 years of Osmoflo’s experience in designing, constructing, operating and maintaining over 450 plants.

OBS features innovative design and operational strategies to manage fouling and scaling by combining known membrane principles. The Brine Squeezer technology has been demonstrated to deliver recoveries of up to 98% - this offers a great benefit commercially and environmentally.

This technology is currently being utilised for various projects in differing industries.

Read more about the Osmoflo Brine Squeezer technology in our OBS brochure, and see how OBS is being applied for the ERA Ranger and Santos Leewood projects. 

Osmoflo's patented Brine Squeezer technology is now available for viewing - contact mail@osmoflo.com or complete an enquiry form to organise a viewing.