Water Recycling & Water Reuse Solutions

Water Recycling & Water Reuse Solutions

Custom designed to meet specific project requirements, Osmoflo’s waster recycling & water reuse systems are engineered to satisfy stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements in respect to sustainability, protection of the environment and public health.

Osmoflo employs a range of technologies with the emphasis on providing plants that can operate to the required standards for the lowest capital and operational costs. This, combined with flexible contract and finance arrangements, makes Osmoflo’s water recycling & water reuse solutions an attractive option for industry at large including the resources sector, oil and gas, defence, food and beverage, utility and municipal sectors.

Osmoflo offers a variety of commercial options for its clients.

In terms of operations, support and technical specifications, Osmoflo offer an array of options:

Operations and Support Options

  • Osmoflo’s proprietary remote plant monitoring and control platform PlantConnect®
  • Around the clock remote monitoring from Osmoflo’s global Operations Control Centres, ensuring peak performance and reliability can be maintained for lower through-life operations costs
  • Operations and Maintenance teams permanently located in our Osmoflo offices around the globe

Technical Options

Our complete turn-key water recycle and water reuse solutions utilise a range of technologies to meet any disposal or reuse criteria. This includes "Class A" or "Class A+" as specified by relevant environmental and public health regulators. Treatment to even higher standards utilising reverse osmosis can also be achieved with in-house capabilities.

Osmoflo has no exclusive alignments with any water recycling or water reuse technology or suppliers, enabling us to select an optimal solution based on individual requirements and the best suited technology available. Technology and treatment options can include:

Technology and treatment options can include:

  • UF/MF/MBR membrane treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis treatment
  • Post treatment disinfection (UV, hypochlorite) to achieve sufficient log reduction
  • Mechanical sludge dewatering

Water Recycling/Reuse Case Studies

Osmoflo provides timely rental solution, treating process waste water for irrigation and reuse

After the success of initial bench top testing, Osmoflo provided a full scale rental plant to treat dairy process waste water for reuse on site

Polishing of process waste water enabling reuse

A system enabling cost effective treatment and reuse of brewery waste water

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