Osmoflo provide innovative solution for large scale arsenic removal

Osmoflo provide innovative solution for large scale arsenic removal

The Santa Rosa project is located in Alto Hospicio, a coastal dessert city in Chile that has a growing population of up to 150,000 people.

  • Client

    Aguas del Altiplano (ADA

  • Technology

    Ultrafiltration system

  • Location

    Alto Hospicio, Chile

  • Commissioned

    May 2017

  • Project Scale

    200 l/s (17.3 MLD)

Challenge  The water company Aguas del Altiplano (ADA) is responsible for water production, distribution, treatment and disposal in the I and XV regions of Chile. Due to strict new modifications to potable water regulations, the company has committed with authorities to reduce the arsenic content in its potable water supply to below the required level of 0.01mg/l.

Solution Osmoflo provided a turn-key solution that was completely engineered by the Osmoflo team in Pune, with Osmoflo SpA providing supply, installation and commissioning for the plant. Operations and Maintenance support is also being provided for 4 months, with a further 2 months supervision and training support for the water treatment plant following that.

A 200 l/s (17.3 MLD) capacity Ultrafiltration Plant was provided with the purpose of polishing and reducing arsenic in the potable water. The plant is based on Ultrafiltration technology together with ferric chloride addition, and because of the water scarcity in the north of Chile, it considers two stages to reduce the water rejection.

Result  It is expected that the treated water quality from the Osmoflo plant will reach arsenic levels of less than 0.005mg/l; well below the actual regulatory limit. The plant also has the potential for future upgrade and expansion should the client have the requirement to treat a larger capacity of water with the growing population in the region.

The Santa Rosa project was a combined effort between Osmoflo in Chile, India and Australia, and perfectly demonstrates our global strength and capability in providing fast-track, turn-key projects.