Invaluable water supply to remote Marshall Islands community

Invaluable water supply to remote Marshall Islands community

Ebeye, being only 2kms long and 400m wide, is the most densely populated island in the Pacific.

  • Client

    Kwajalein Atoll Joint Utility Resource, Inc. (KAJUR)

  • Technology

    Seawater Reverse Osmosis

  • Location

    Ebeye, Marshall Islands (near the Equator in the Pacific Ocean)

  • Commissioned

    August 2017

  • Project Scale

    1.6 ML/d

Challenge  With an existing Seawater Reverse Osmosis plant that was becoming increasingly unreliable, this project was urgently needed at Ebeye to provide potable water to the island population.

Solution  Osmoflo designed, supplied and installed two new Seawater Reverse Osmosis trains with total capacity 1.6 MLD. Given the very remote location, Osmoflo were required to be fully self-sufficient in terms of parts and equipment to perform the works. Due to the acute lack of space on the island, the plant had to be fitted inside existing building structures and hence required the system to be fully custom designed and inclusive of some existing equipment replacement as well as internal modifications to the building. The works were carried out with help from a local contractor, with the plant and a new transformer being installed in just 11 weeks, a significant feat given the very remote location. This plant has now secured good quality, reliable potable water supply for the island population.

Osmoflo is also responsible for full operations and maintenance of the plant over a 24 month period. During that time Osmoflo will progressively build the capability of local KAJUR operators to continue successful operation of the plant after the handover. Due to the island’s location Osmoflo’s ability to provide high level technical support remotely via our well established 24/7 operations control centres and proprietary PlantConnect platform forms a critical part of the projects success.

Result  Ebeye and KAJUR needed a quality outcome that would produce high quality potable water for the island, not only now, but well into the future.  Osmoflo were able to provide  a solution that suited this very unique and remote part of the world. Along with this, we have been involved in making a real difference to the lives of the Ebeye population.

With a population of over 12,000 the island of Ebeye is almost completely reliant on desalinated seawater for their freshwater needs.