Osmoflo rental solution supplying potable water for community on     Masirah Island, Oman

Osmoflo rental solution supplying potable water for community on     Masirah Island, Oman

Accessible only by ferry, Masirah Island has a population of approx. 12,000. With limited fresh water resources, the demand for new water sources is increasing.

  • Client


  • Technology

    Multimedia Filtration (MMF) / Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)

  • Location

    Masirah Island, Oman

  • Commissioned

    August 2018

  • Project Scale

    1.5 MLD

Challenge  SOGEX OMAN LLC approached Osmoflo to provide a fast track rental desalination solution to serve Oman Rural Areas Electricity Company SAOC in Masirah Island, where the desalination plant would address the increasing potable water demands of the island.

Solution  Osmoflo provided a 1.5 MLD seawater RO plant. The plant was readily available from our rental fleet located in the UAE and consisted of 4 x 40’ containerised plant and equipment. This included 2 x 800 m3/day SWRO plants and 2 x 2,000m3/day MMF plants for pre-treatment.

The client already had an installed water treatment capacity of 6.0 MLD, treating seawater for potable use, with the Osmoflo plant being added to overcome plant availability issues. Conservative design approach was adopted to ensure RO plant availability exceeds 95%.

Osmoflo delivered the rental plant on a fast track basis and supported the client with installation, commissioning and plant start up. Operation is monitored from Osmoflo’s 24 hour control centre, utilising our proprietary PlantConnect™ technology. We will also support our plant and client with regular visits by our highly skilled field service technicians.

Result  Being able to provide the plant on a fast-track basis was a key factor for this project. The 4 x 40’ containerised equipment was transported by road to Oman where it was then shipped by ferry and transported to site. The plant was commissioned and formally handed over within 7 days of arriving on site.

SOGEX OMAN LLC is a leading service provider for the operation and maintenance of power (GT based) and water (MSF & RO) projects in Oman.