Osmoflo engaged by Community Water industry to

Osmoflo engaged by Community Water industry to

The township of Seventeen Seventy (1770) marks the spot where Captain Cook made his first landfall in what was later to become the State of Queensland

  • Client


  • Technology

    Ultrafiltation & Microfiltration

  • Location

    Regional Australia

  • Commissioned

    Dec 2013

  • Project Scale

    20,000 m3/day

Challenge In October 2013 our client became aware of a blue-green algal bloom in its primary potable water reservoirs. BGA can be toxic and resistant to traditional water treatment processes. The BGA posed an imminent threat to the integrity of the potable water supply. Though easily removed using membrane technology, the challenge was rapid deployment and installation of 20,000 m3/day of containerised equipment.

Solution From Osmoflo’s rental fleet of rental water processing units, we were able to rapidly deploy an initial 10MLD of Ultrafiltration capacity to cover >50% of the municipal demand by end of October 2013. Blending of clean filtrate with the chlorinated reservoir supply meant that the total concentration of contaminants in the municipal supply was within guidelines. Osmoflo was then requested to deploy an additional 10MLD of microfiltration capacity that was then installed and placed into service by December 2013.

Result With a total of 20MLD of membrane filtration equipment rapidly mobilised, detailed engineering and design works undertaken and rental plant installed, commissioned and placed into operational status within weeks of client request. The quality of the potable water supply for the 22,000 strong population conforms with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.