Chilean based Copper Mining Company engages Osmoflo to ensure emergency water requirements are met

Chilean based Copper Mining Company engages Osmoflo to ensure emergency water requirements are met

1,500m3/day of emergency desalination equipment installed, commissioned and handed over to Osmoflo SPA for ongoing operation and maintenance.

  • Client

    Antofagasta Minerals

  • Technology

    UF / SWRO

  • Location

    Antucoya, Chile

  • Commissioned

    August 2013 (rental) 
    February 2016 (permanent)

  • Project Scale

    1.5 MLD (rental) 
    3 MLD (permanent)

Challenge In 2013, Chilean copper mining group Antofagasta Minerals began development activities for its Antucoya Mine in Chile. The development of the mine and processing facilities required a constant and reliable supply of good quality water, during the construction phase and for ongoing mine operations.

The Antucoya copper project aims at producing an average of 80,000t/year of copper cathodes from an open pit and heap leaching-SX-EW facilities. It  required 7,000 workers during the construction phase and now generates approximately 1,400 jobs during operation.

Solution Due to the urgent water requirement and long lead times on a permanent water treatment plant, a rental solution was deemed to be the quickest bridge solution to meet construction schedules. With equipment readily available from its global fleet (located in the United Arab Emirates, Australia and Asia), Osmoflo was the only company capable of providing an emergency water treatment solution.

Result By mid-2013, Osmoflo had installed 1 MLD of desalination equipment at the Antucoya mine site. Osmoflo then installed and commissioned the complete 1.5 MLD ultrafiltration and seawater reverse osmosis plant in August 2013. This ensured Antofagasta could continue construction activity and avoid costly time delays. Following commissioning the plant was handed over to Osmoflo SPA in Chile for ongoing operation and maintenance.

The mine construction was completed in 2015 and went into full production in 2016. Osmoflo was subsequently engaged to provide a permanent 3 MLD seawater reverse osmosis plant for process and potable use at the mine. This was commissioned in February 2016.

Antucoya Copper Mine

Antucoya Mine is operated by Antofagasta Minerals, a Chilean-based copper mining group traded on the London Stock Exchange.