Osmoflo supports innovative Mine Water Treatment

Osmoflo supports innovative Mine Water Treatment

Virtual Curtain (VC) technology was used to remove metal contaminants from wastewater the equivalent size of around 20 Olympic swimming pools.

  • Client

    Snow Peak Mining P/L

  • Technology

    CSIRO Virtual Curtain (VC), Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis

  • Location


  • Commissioned

    Nov 2013

  • Project Scale


Challenge A water solution was required for Snow Peak to continue operating and a “Temporary Environmental Permit” was only in place for a short pre-determined period, so it was essential that system start up and operational availability was maintained to ensure all water processed within the TEP period and the pit essentially ‘dewatered’.

Solution Rapid mobilisation and start up of the membrane filtration and 2 x BW600 RO units to allow desalination of up to 1.2 MLD for environmental discharge. Laboratory trialled and proven VC technology to condition the pond water was applied and “Supernatant” was drawn from the pit, and fed through 2 x Membrane Filtration units for removal of fine suspended solids, that would otherwise cause severe fouling of the desalination RO systems downstream.

Result Membrane systems successfully treated water ‘downstream’ of innovative ‘insitu’ mine water treatment technology. Despite additional and significant inflows due to rainfall during dewatering period, high availability maintained and pit fully dewatered with water quality within EPA requirements. The high quality treated water was then of appropriate quality to be released under a temporary environmental permit into the nearby stream.

Snow Peak is a subsidiary of the Snow Peak Group of Hangzhoi, China.