Osmoflo delivers fast-track project to secure electricity supply in SA

Osmoflo delivers fast-track project to secure electricity supply in SA

  • Client

    APR Energy

  • Technology

    BWRO & Polishing Plants

  • Location

    Elizabeth South and Lonsdale
    South Australia

  • Commissioned

    November 2017

  • Project Scale

    1.2 MLD (2 x 600 m3/day)

‘For all of Team Osmoflo, we very much thank you for rising to the challenge of meeting our demanding schedule, delivering solid products, and maintaining the utmost professionalism throughout. Truly impressive. I would have zero reservations with engaging Osmoflo to support future APR Energy projects’. Conrad Dieken, Supply Chain Technical Manager at APR Energy

Challenge  APR Energy were awarded the contract with SA Power Networks to deliver 276 MW of backup power generation to protect South Australia from power blackouts. Power generation has been a key topic of discussion within South Australia, and wider Australia, because of issues with the lack of secure and reliable power generation systems. APR Energy required high quality water treatment for this project and delivery of the desalination plants was required within a tight timeframe of just 5 weeks from order confirmation.

Solution  Osmoflo provided two 600 m3/day containerised Ultra High Purity water treatment plants. The plants consisted of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis desalination and Polishing Plants to produce the high quality water that is required in the operation of power generators. The plants each take feedwater from the local town water supply and treat it using a combination of Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange technologies.

Result  The fast-track project was successfully delivered for APR Energy within the project schedule, with the plants having been installed at two sites in South Australia, Elizabeth South and Lonsdale, in November 2017.

Osmoflo delivered this project based on its reputation of flexibility, technical competence, local footprint and the readiness to deliver to a tight timeline. These characteristics formed the basis of this engagement and APR Energy were assured of a successful and reliable project outcome. 

APR Energy are global leaders in providing fast-track, mobile power generation systems. This project comprises 9 x GE TM2500 units and provides key environmental advantages for South Australia with emissions-friendly power generating capacity.