Osmoflo delivers Emergency Water Treatment Solution

Osmoflo in Support of Water Safety Initiative of Ebeye Island Community

05th May 2019

In 2017, as part of an ADB administered aid project, Osmoflo delivered a state-of-the-art desalination plant. Since then and together with the local water authority KAJUR, have maintained the operation of this plant. This project has exceeded all expected community benefits – lower cost to run, reliable supply of safe, good quality water, and improving the quality of life for this 20,000 strong local community.

Our Osmoflo Operators as well as look after the plant and training of KAJUR’s operators, engaged with local community, providing plant tours for local school children and their teachers. This is now being taken further by providing educational talks as part of our engagement with the local DROP campaign – ‘Drought Readiness Outreach Program’. Our Plant Supervisor very much enjoyed talking with his young audience who have shown great interest in all aspects affecting the reliability of their water supply and safe water management.

This local training and education will go a long way to ensuring that the residents and community of Ebeye Island, in the Republic of Marshall Islands, continue to have a reliable source of safe drinking water today and in future years to come.


Plant Supervisor with local teachers and students




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