Quality Filtration Systems (QFS) and Osmoflo awarded  Water Treatment Project for V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

Quality Filtration Systems (QFS) and Osmoflo awarded Water Treatment Project for V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

12th Feb 2018

QFS and Osmoflo have secured the contract to provide an emergency desalination plant for the Victoria and Alfred (V&A) Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. Serving the waterfront project, the plant will address the increasing water demands of the City of Cape Town region.

The V&A Waterfront is located in the heart of Cape Town and is divided into various districts that attract more than 23 million visitors each year. Situated in South Africa’s oldest working harbour, the area has been developed for mixed-use, with both residential and commercial real estate. The water treatment project was instigated by the City of Cape Town with the requirement to mitigate the shortage of potable water due to one of the region’s worst droughts on record.

The project will involve the supply, installation and commissioning of a fully containerised 2 MLD seawater reverse osmosis and multimedia filtration plant. This will be delivered under a rental contract for a minimum duration of 24 months. With a tight completion schedule of 8 weeks, the plant is scheduled to be operational by March 2018 with Osmoflo also providing operations and maintenance support.

The 7 x 40 foot containerised plants are being shipped from Osmoflo’s storage facility in Dubai and with a 30 day transit time, they will travel a distance of approximately 10,000 km to Cape Town.

QFS and Osmoflo have been following the City of Cape Town’s need to augment severely restricted potable water supplies and this engagement by QFS showcases Osmoflo’s ability to deliver water treatment solutions anywhere in the world to the right local partners.

CEO and Managing Director, Emmanuel Gayan explains: “We have been aware of the dire situation facing some municipalities in South Africa and we have the equipment available to provide immediate potable water assistance. We are proud that through this engagement we are able to be one part of the solution for this region.”

Herman Smit, Managing Director of QFS, commented: “As a water treatment company with membrane-based technology, QFS is proud to be part of the solution and to show Cape Town the potential of membrane treatment being used for desalination. The Waterfront project is a prime example of fast deployment of equipment to produce potable water in less than 10 weeks. QFS's collaboration with Osmoflo is a perfect match between technology supply and local implementation.”

V&A Waterfront Osmoflo desalination 1 

Emergency desalination plants transported from Osmoflo’s storage facility in Dubai

 V&A Waterfront Osmoflo desalination 2

Loading emergency desalination plant onto ship for journey to Cape Town 

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