Research and Development

Research and Development

For more than 30 years Osmoflo has been at the forefront of research and development in regards to water treatment. Innovation has been at the heart of the company since its inception.

By constantly working with challenging water in both physical and chemical quality, Osmoflo is continuously developing new water treatment methods and technologies. Working at the forefront of technical development requires a strong commitment to research and development and this has resulted in a number of patented technologies which have further advanced our treatment processes. Products such as PlantConnect® and Brine Squeezer have been ahead of their time in delivering benefits to our customers.

Osmoflo's Innovation Centre, The Edge, provides an excellent showcase of the company’s knowledge, products, testing capabilities and cutting edge R&D within the Burton, Head Office location. The Edge is the formalisation of the company’s continued commitment to technical developments into the future and provides effective solutions to customers.  The centre is run by Osmoflo's Innovation Team who are some of the most technically experienced personnel in the water industry.

Osmoflo continues to work with commercial partners and universities, as well as contributing to external research programs.

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